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How Does a Turbo Work?

How Does a Turbo Work?>>> Get The BEST PRICES on NEW and USED Turbochargers on eBay <<< If you’ve ever seen any of the seemingly countless Hollywood movies about fast cars, or spent even just a few minutes around your car enthusiast friends, you’ve probably heard of a turbocharger. But for an auto part that has become so synonymous... Read More »

Cost of Turbocharging a Car

Cost of Turbocharging a Car>>> CLICK HERE to find the cost of a turbocharger for your specific vehicle <<< There are a lot of different factors which go into determining the cost of a turbocharging a car – everything from the type of vehicle to the size of its engine to how much boost you want to generate. Installing... Read More »

Parts of a Turbo

Parts of a Turbo>>> Get The BEST PRICES on NEW and USED Turbochargers on eBay <<< When you’re looking at a turbocharger from the outside, it doesn’t really seem like very much more than a big metal box with a couple of fans in it. But in reality, turbos are much more complex than that – and there... Read More »